4 Effective Ways to Detoxify Your Body At Home Naturally!

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4 Effective Ways to Detoxify Your Body At Home Naturally!


Detoxification is said to be a process in which the entire body tries to get rid of the undesirable toxins which are usually attained due to heavy pollution and enormous consumption of junk food. Though liver (an organ in the living body) is capable in clearing out all the unwanted toxins at regular time intervals, it is really very necessary to follow up the below-mentioned points to have healthy and glowing skin.


Purtier Placenta
Purtier Placenta


Drink Plenty of Water

Drinking water is said to be the best remedy to detoxify your body. It not only helps to survive but also removes the unwanted germs, which might have clocked up a large amount of space. You should always drink minimum 7-8 liters of water every day to gain desired results. Water also helps to boost the energy level to maximum, avoids having skin care issues. You can also prepare detox water by simply adding a dash of lemon juice, mint, orange zest, as it only tastes great but is also extremely healthy.


Eat Organic food

One of the most important causes of toxin growth is by consumption of highly processed and fried food, with extra salt and spice. Not only that the vegetables and fruits which are grown by sprayed pesticides are very harmful to your body.

Thus, if you are planning to detoxify your body then you need to put in some time. Choose organic vegetables and fruits, instead of consuming processed foods. Decrease the consumption of oil, spice, and sugar.


Try Fasting

It is advised to fast for one or two days and eat only fresh fruits and vegetables, instead of having full meals. This will for sure help your digestive system to get the desired break and helps in getting complete revitalization. This will really help you to see great results, as it will not only make you feel light but will also provide a sufficient amount of rest to your inner body. You can also take supplements like, Purtier Placenta, which will help to gain desired nutrients to your body.


Consume Green Smoothie

The smoothies are not only tasty but are very nutritious. These are highly beneficial if are made using leafy vegetables or else you can also prepare using cucumber, carrot, beetroot, apple, lettuce, banana and many more to make a glass full of antioxidant-rich drink. Consume it in your breakfast or as a late evening drink, it will really help you to feel very refreshed. Thus, the process will not only help you to boost your immunity but will also enhance the efficiency of your detoxification process.



Hence, these are some of the best ways to detoxify your body at home. If you till now didn’t follow this routine, then give it a try and let off your body from chemicals for some couple of days.